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[vegan MoFo 01] stuff from the past | Jee Soo Shin

[vegan MoFo 01] stuff from the past

I’m so excited about this vegan MoFo idea that I wanted to post as soon as October came by.

I’ve been posting about vegan meals in the past, so I want to spend the first vegan MoFo post on recapitulating my past entries.

I’ve written about fruitarian meals and did a small follow-up post a few days later.  I’ve been struggling to have fruit breakfasts after coming to Korea, because the jet-lag and hectic schedule prevented me from getting any breakfast at all.

I’ve written about my experience in the airplane as a vegan you can read about here.

I’ve been waiting to get some store-bought vegetable kimbap, only to realize that they weren’t vegetarian! (you can read about it here)  It was all compensated a few days afterwards when I went to a very nice vegan buffet.

I guess my vegan MoFo would be about Korean food for the first half of the month, and then, due to my travelling, it will possibly be about some airplane meals and German, French cuisine.  Only towards the end of the month will I be back at my real home in the UK to document my every-day culinary experiences.  Schade!  Dommage!!!  But that’s life and I like that too :)

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