[Vegan MoFo] Random eats- A Typical Korean meal

…a good thing about Korean cuisine is that you get to choose what you eat(huh?).  You have your own little bowl of rice and sometimes soup to go with it, and the rest is all spread out in the middle of the table like a buffet.  You just pick what you want and put it on your rice(or straight into your mouth).  I know Koreans think eating vegan/vegetarian is a real hassle, but actually it couldn’t be any easier than this!

Chusok meal at my mum’s – only 2 dishes on this table were meat-based.


A simple meal of multi-grain rice and japchae(glass noodles with stir-fried vegetables), kimchi, miyeok-julgi(seeweed stems) and marinated beans.

Kimchi fried rice and vegetable fried rice prepared for a picnic.


(ingredients & preparation for stir-fried rice)

I guess this wouldn’t be your typical vegan meal, but I was super busy and hungry at the same time and had a quick snack on a street in Seoul, with a somewhat westernised street food of fried potato swirl which looks like this when cooked and seasoned:

This didn’t fill me up (I had quite a bit of an appetite on this day!) and I indulged in some more street food.. I chose tukbokki(rice cake in hot pepper sauce) and fried vegetables(twigim):

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