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[O:Ze] website | Jee Soo Shin

[O:Ze] website

It took a significant amount of time and effort to make just a very basics of a webpage, but I finally managed to find a tolerable WordPress theme and throw in the contents of my oze-escapade project to form something of a website/blog.   I’ve already posted the link on the left sidebar of this blog a few days ago, but now I can announce with some more confidence, that you can actually go and visit the place.

The only catch for english speakers is that it’s all in Korean… but keep watching the space, because I am in the process of translating EVERYTHING.

UPDATE: It’s all done! :D

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  1. Ian

    cool! I wish I could be there. I mean, the concert hall :-)

    • I’ll try my best to document everything! I have to anyway, because of the report! kk It’s nice to have a website to upload everything though!

  2. Ian

    a firewall in my company blocked the way to Oze website. blimey. :-(

    • what a shame! :(

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