[vegan MoFo] El fin…

This years Vegan MoFo has come to an end.. Boo hoo~~ I haven’t even got into full swing yet! It’s surprising how time flies and you have to have your every single day lived to the full to not have any regrets..




Just for those of you who don’t know what Vegan MoFo is: It is the short for Vegan Month of Food and each year, they select either October or November to get you blogging about vegan food. Once you’re registered in their rss feed, fellow MoFo-ers get to stumble upon your blog. It was my first time participating and I have been so busy and tired all October to actually post any recipes, but I did my fair amount of chatting about veganism, I believe!

all my MoFo posts can be seen here

Anyways, I’ll end this month of MoFo-ing by posting some random food pics- very simple 5-minute Korean vegan banchans.

1. Fried Oyster Mushrooms (seasoned with some salt and lemon-pepper)

and 2. Cooked Soy-bean sprouts marinated with soy-sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds and hot pepper.

These simple, down-to-earth food was enough to get my mouth watering!

I also had some steamed vegetable dumplings which tasted delicious with soy sauce and kimchi..

Let’s mooch around this website where you can randomly stumble upon some vegan blogs. They have some really cool recipes out there and all of them are cruelty-free, healthier-than-your-everyday-meal delis I so direly wish I could cook up in the near future!


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