selected videos (October 2011)

This is a video-art work done by Shon Kim, based on a painting by Joo Hee Chun.  Initially, I’ve written a piece based on Joo Hee’s painting, which then motivated me to create a video-art.  Then I realised shortly afterwards, making a video/animation is not my field at all, so I got another artist to do that for me(thanks to my friend, P. Kim who introduced me to him!)

Below is the performance highlight of

escapade 2 – “focus on music”

which happened on the 8th of October, in Seoul Art Space Mullae as part of OZe escapade series of concert and installation.

after all this happened, I made an installation out of it to be displayed for a week, which I made another video of.  This creates a sort of multi-layer dream effect- for me at least!

escapade 2 “focus on music” 안내문

Above link is a document(in Korean) that explains the concept of this performance/installation.  You can read more(in Korean and a bit of English) here.  You can also read my artist_statement explaining the aesthetics behind all this.

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