World Vegan Day

Happy (belated) World Vegan Day!

Realising there was a World Vegan Day got me thinking a bit about how on earth I ended up on the bandwagon(if it exists? You don’t realise you’re the minority when you’re surrounded, at least online, by like-minded people..).

I guess it kind of started with subtle triggers from a friend of mine, Stephan Maria Karl, a composer from Austria, who claimed he’d been vegetarian for more than a decade..  That was in 2003, so it must be two decades now!  Having occasional meals and snacks with him gave me an incentive to explore vegetarian options in restaurants and canteens around the university.

Having to prepare my own meals while living and studying abroad meant if I wanted meat, I’d have to go buy and cook the meat myself.  Somehow it all seemed really unhygienic to do that in my kitchen where I only have one cutting-board at hand.  Without much thought, I cooked myself vegan meals most of the time and naturally ended up having a very healthy diet of multi-grain rice and various vegetables.

My last barbecue where I ate some meat was in October 2010, when I was toying with the idea of letting people know I am vegetarian.  I am glad I got myself to do that, because this gave me an incentive to be consistent and never look back.  I had a bite of beef in a fancy Korean restaurant where they serve some 10-course meals, but it tasted quite disgusting to me.  Thinking about where it originated (from a living animal) and the idea of biting into a dead flesh made me think, this food was NOT nurturing my body AT ALL!!!  It’s not like it does more harm than good, it does only harm and no good!  I could feel the piece of meat churning in my stomach and I made an internal vow there and then that I’d never bite into an animal again.

There are also environmental reasons for becoming a vegan.  It is by far the easiest way of saving the planet by saving the trees (that are destroyed from the forests to make room for cattle), reducing water pollution, air pollution and energy consumption.  Not consuming animals means that the grain that is used to feed them go to those in real need- starving people around the world.

(warning: this video-clip contains some cruel and bloody scenes of ill and injured animals that slaughter-houses don’t intend to expose)

There is a very good book on the whole subject called The World Peace Diet, by William Tuttle, which is a great inspiration.

another water pic (click graphic for full chart):

(via Alien’s Day Out)

I hope this was enough food for thought for those of you new(and old) to the subject.  Best of luck in your culinary journeys!


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