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11 11 (20)11 | Jee Soo Shin

11 11 (20)11

I still haven’t finished my new official composer’s website, and have about a trillion boxes to tick on my to-do list, but writing a post here seemed to be my top priority. Ha!  Screw you, to-do list!

Today, 11th of November is Remembrance Day (aka Veterans Day in the States), when people sacrificed from WWI are remembered and honoured.  In Korea, it’s ……..Pepero Day!  A day for buying Pepero, a stick-figure cookie which looks a bit like number one, hence they mark the date 11 November(11) as their ‘Day’.  Urrgh!  What an embarrassing coincidence!

I guess you either totally ignore it, which is virtually impossible in Korea with all the intrusive marketing, or live with it somehow…  I had the luxury of being outside the country on this particular day.  God bless!!!

Mipa, a vegan baker who was stuck in Korea, wrote about this day and how she made it her own.  (click here to see her post)

(btw, in case any of you got confused, I really love my country and I enjoy living there… being critical doesn’t mean being unpatriotic)

Last Saturday I went to London again to give a presentation about my works and issues of Korean aesthetics in the monthly KAA meeting.  I prepared virtually 24 hours for the presentation, making slides, finding excerpts of music, etc. etc, etc!!!  However, the time limit made it difficult to let them hear my works fully.

After the presentation time was over, the members got their heads around to discuss their next exhibition, which will be in Korean Cultural Centre London from 2nd – 8th December.  The theme is ‘Delayed Sojourn’ and every artist will submit works related to living at home ‘away from home’.  The private view is on the 2nd, in case anyone is interested!  The KCC UK website is here for more information, which will be updated soon.

(this work was being displayed at the time of my visit in London as part of NyLon exhibition in KCC UK)

So, off I go to spend another token of my time websurfing, before I get to serious work today!  I’ve been drooling on my laptop browsing through this blog, where there are recipes full of healthy desserts.  Good stuff!!!! :D

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