5 unique Korean interdisciplinary artists

These are some of the most interesting Korean artists/groups/companies I stumbled upon in the web recently:


1. Visual Theatre Company CCOT(비주얼시어터컴퍼니 꽃)

This ‘company’ seems to have one performer who does everything, from running the site, writing poems for the script of the theatre, featuring as a lone actor/dancer/singer and doing choreography(if that’s what you can call it).  But this is not a sufficient description at all, since each production incorporates different genres altogether.  It even has educational programs for people to participate in therapeutical art projects.



2. Salad TV (샐러드TV)

This is a multi-cultural broadcasting station and a theatre group of artists from all over the world who immigrated to Korea either to work, or by marriage.  It is a fusion of various art and theatre production with news and social networking portal with cultural movement towards a better life, mainly for foreign women living in Korea.  The website is in many languages including Korean, English, Chinese, Russian and Nepali.


3. Tacit Group(태싯그룹)

This group of artists use mainly computer animation and electronic music to generate a unique digital sound-art performances.



4. Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries(장영혜중공업)

This is a group of net-artists(Young-Hae Chang and Mark Voge) who create unique text-based moving webpages.   Just clicking one of the titles of their list of works will get you head-first into their text-bombarded animation of screaming words- many of them in multiple languages.



5. Hyun-Suk Seo

A Seoul-based Media-Artist educated in the US (Northwestern and the Art Institute of Chicago) who creates interactive multi-genre exhibitions.  He’s currently organising a ‘peep-show’ with the title of COUNTDOWN in Seoul Art Complex Culture Station which is the former Seoul Station built by the Japanese invaders in the early 1900s.  This ‘show’ is for limited audience, so pre-booking is essential.

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