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pretty things from the web | Jee Soo Shin

pretty things from the web

Well, each of us would define “pretty” quite differently, but for me it’s whatever I see that gives me at least a nanogram of dopamin. Regardless of the amount of things to do and their urgency, I have a habit of browsing through the web(who doens’t ?), but usually end up looking at art photographs.  They give me a sense of joy and inspiration of varying degree, so I thought, why shouldn’t I share them on a daily basis?

As of 22nd Dec.2012, this is what I found:

This lovely ‘family’ is made with clay by a 10-year-old boy.  Note the blob of ketchup on the fried egg and a soju bottle on the yellow table.. The purple tiger has some eating habits!

A gallery wall of a coffee-themed exhibition in Korea.

A hanok has crashed (or rather, “softly landed” in the artist’s words) into an apartment building.

another scene of satirical destruction

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