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things to do in 2012 | Jee Soo Shin

things to do in 2012

Updated in August 2012 and in December 2012


I was hesitant about making a New Year’s Resolution with such a long to-do list, because each and every goal needed lots of time and effort, and 101 things meant that each ‘thing’ required to be done roughly in 4 days (considering some overlap).  Reading a book carefully could take that much time, and things I wanted to do are more than that.  I also have many things from last year I haven’t finished.

Also, many of the goals I’ve set in the beginning of the year become unrealistic and they become pointless.  Also, having so many goals without careful thought result into having their intentions clash and the focus deteriorated. lol!

So how shall I sort this matter out?

I’ve decided, I will aim have 101 things on my list anyway, because it is fun to have many dreams, but not pay too much about the number 101 and focus more on the things I want to do regardless of numbers.

I will get rid of what I ‘ought’ to do but focus on what I ‘really want’ to do this year.  101 things should be 101 exciting things, not 101 chores! But then, some really important things need to be addressed in the list regardless of how excited I am about doing them.

Things I feel I ‘ought’ to do (but not so keen on doing) are:

a. do regular exercise

b. meet more people

c. keep in touch with friends and useful acquaintances

d. compose regularly

e. volunteer or donate to those in need

f. get a university job as a full-time lecturer

There should be room for adjustments when unexpected things and opportunities occur during the year.  In this case, I will cross out a goal that is no longer realistic and replace it with a new one.

Enough of the blahs, here it goes!




composition(5 new works): Exceeded Goal!

1. Nokha for 4 interactive players - successfully done

2. New work for violin (for concerts in July) - successfully done

3. etc.project – new work based on Daisuke’s animation - canceled

3. New work for KAA performance done. some touching up needed

5. Miracle for solo piano(?) for a possible concert in Berlin - canceled

4. New work for solo organ – a version of WB 2-2 to be created – not done yet

5. Suite for horn trio and toy piano done!(premiere: 9th July)

6. Music for interactive dance performance premiered on 14th July

7. New work for piano quartet (work in progress)


creative projects:

7. NOKHA in April-May

8. Oze concert in May (not pursued due to other project engagements)

9. Concert in Berlin (July?) – canceled

10. an Oze event in September/October – 2013

11. etc. project in November – canceled

12. KAA concert in November – postponed indefinitely - performed on 20 Nov


other career boosters/breadwinners:

13. get (a) lectureship at university(ies) starting at SNU in March 2013!

14. make a successful artist residency application – I-Park, Atelier Plain Venice, La Napoule

15. win a composition competition - not done

16. teach piano/German/anything you know – gave composition lessons

17. keep posting on hazzystory.com every week (be persistent and do not undermine the value of writing regularly for someone else!) - work halted in Nov. 2012


career management:

18. get new projects for 2013 – already got and undergone projects in 2012, will have to see about 2013!

19. get a commission – Ensemble Opus


health and safety:

20. find out why my hip is so twisted - not done

21. do something about it - not done

22. do regular exercise (3 times a week, more than 30 minutes. Walking doesn’t does count!) - went to Curves sessions in March.  Planning on enrolling on swimming classes from October. Swimming classes attended.  Planning on more in 2013

23. watch yoga clip once a week - not achieved 

24. eat fruit every day - was difficult - getting back into the habit

25. never buy sweet junk – not achieved


for the earth and its inhabitants:

26. buy only vegan cosmetics (eg. LUSH) - fail – resumed habit

27. buy vegan shoes (eg, selection from Toms) - not achieved

28. stay vegan - fail? not so strict anymore - relapsed

29. donate unused stuff asap - not done


webbing and blogging:

30. have your blog updated every other day - not easy, but trying! - jagto.tistory.com is updated almost every day since August

31. sort our categories and blog widgets for easy navigation for visitors - gone through bigger changes than that! 

32. write Oze newsletters and keep fans(?) posted. - fail

33. update jeesooshin.com with text explanations of works and news updates - in progress

34. make a great nokha.org website - done by David Kilburn. Planning on a new website for more info and data.

35. get more blog traffic

36. get more comments

37. make a friend through your blog



38. find a hobby you really like and invest in it - blogging on jagto.tistory.com has become a very enjoyable hobby.

39. read a self-help book and do what it says


keep your brain fresh:

40. learn a new sport – not new but taken up swimming.

41. try a new recipe at least once a month and post it in your blog – fail

42. keep learning a language (Spanish or Japanese) - Started Italian

43. (try to) teach a language (German) – done a few lessons



44. do something altruistic through your blog(eg. a giveaway)

45. donate to charity - not done yet


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