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the future of my blog | Jee Soo Shin

the future of my blog

Being New Year and all, I’ve got thinking about the future of things, and naturally this blog as well.

my desk in 2010/2011

Ever since I’ve started writing here in April 2011, I’ve been searching for the right niche for this webspace and made the conclusion that it is too early to make a decision on a narrow subject.  The past 3 months were the result of various experiments and naturally, the posts were very diverse.  I still haven’t made my mind up, whether I should do something about this.

I can’t say in one sentence what my blog is about, but I do have some things I want to do with it which are:

1. share information – probably within my field, because that’s where I have the most insight.  I have tried writing some texts about music here, here and here, but this blog was more about me in my free time, where I can chat about life away from composition and other headaches, so this kind of posting defied the joy of my blog.

2. communication – I wanted to stop the Facebok-oriented manner of microblogging and write substantial texts expressing my thoughts in a more personal webspace.  I think I have achieved this, although I still only have a handful of comments, so the communication is still rather one-way.  I guess I need to get more blog traffic first to achieve this.

3. express personal thoughts and opinions – This correlates to 2. but slightly different in that I wanted a space which is entirely my own.  Sometimes I start being extremely honest about things and regret having posted it altogether.

4. share interesting pictures – which is fairly recent.  I love looking at blogs consisting of only pictures and wished to do that myself.  I have done a few attempts here and here last December, but I also have perky pictures I’ve taken myself now and then, which don’t have much context anywhere in my daily life.  I decided to create a Tumblr log to store them. (A what?!) This will be updated daily, hopefully for a long time!  Brr..

I guess things will go on as it did until now, and the identity of the blog will inevitably portray myself as a person with diverse interests and unpredictable direction of thought process!?


[post scriptum] I’m giving away my owl this week!   If you haven’t already, please participate in the giveaway! :)))

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  1. Su

    Also wie viele Blogs hast du insgesamt??? @.@
    Ich habe mich gefragt, warum du so gut Englisch sprichst. Du hast 3 Jahre in Amerika gewohnt, als du jung warst aber natürlich hast du eine großartige Begabung von Sprachen und du arbeitest immer damit. Kein Wunder, dass du so gut nicht nur in Englisch sondern auch in anderen Sprachen bist.
    Mach weiter so! Immer lerne ich von dir! :-)

    Liebe Grüße aus Essen

    • JS

      Nur 2 haha..und die andere hat nur Bilder.
      Ich ueberlege aber, ob ich noch ein anderen Blog fuer Koreanisch machen soll.
      Danke fuer die schoene Worte, aber ich weiss nicht ob ich Begabung habe! hehe.. Vielleicht hatte ich Glueck und gute Lehern gehabt..?
      Ach mein Deutsch ist so rustig geworden! :S

      Liebe Gruesse aus England! ;)

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