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Graduation Day! | Jee Soo Shin

Graduation Day!

Coming to England in 2007, I had little awareness of what I was in for at the end of the tunnel, named Ph.D.  In fact, I didn’t know what I was going into was in fact, a tunnel, and that it would be so dark, isolating and goddamn looooooooooong.. and that it would end with a solemn and well costumed graduation ceremony!  Friends back home have seen the pictures and wondered out loud (or rather, on screen on Facebook) whether I’ve graduated Hogwarts.  Here’s the actual image:


Yes, the crimson robe with light blue stripes and and sleeves with a proper hood to be put on as part of the ceremony is all pretty much adding to the cliché of getting a degree in a homeland of universities, the country of gentlemen and academics!!!  Actually this colour combination was solely for PhDs and being only one of three of them to be awarded at the entire 100 or so graduates of the 12:00 event, I did get some glances from other parents (and long stares from grandparents)!

Unfortunately, no photos could be taken during the ceremony, and only my mum, who specially flew from South Korea for 5 days to accompany me during the ceremonial days, was the only one who could attend the actual event indoors, but countless friends had come to find me and congratulate me in the campus and at the reception.  They are mostly Korean friends doing masters or PhDs, staying over the summer to do some extra work towards their degrees.  May god bless them!

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