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car boot sale | Jee Soo Shin

car boot sale

One thing I looooove doing on a Sunday morning is going to a car-boot sale.

Yes, it was 7 in the morning and I was in the shower waking myself up, and getting ready to go out in the icy weather on a Sunday morning.

Life is hard…

But it was worth the effort, because I had a lot of fun looking at things people came out to sell.  They are mostly unwanted possessions by ordinary people, but there were some professional merchants as well.

This is the price for having a pitch to sell.  To get in and buy things, the entrance fee is 30p for each person.

People come out early in the morning to grab a bargain, as there are plenty of second-hand books, clothes, toys and games as well as collectable items.

The merchants sold specific items, such as this set of wooden sculptures, but really, people could sell and buy anything they wanted..

Most of the sales-pitches look like a chaotic mixture of unwanted items from home, but if you look carefully, there are hidden gems.  Below, you can see what we purchased:

A daily calendar for those who don’t remember what day it is.  The catch is that you have to remember to scroll the dates and days of the week once every day.


A set of 10 beautiful Wedgewood plates that have illustrations each from a scene from an old tale.  Each plate was £1.  Only 1 pound for a Wedgewood plate!  Blimey.


This looked close to rubbish at the sales pitch, but when I brought it home, it was soooo ueber-pretty.  There is some semi-transparent material that makes the seals look like they are half immersed in water.  It is quite a surreal piece of sculpture, which costed less than a small cup of tea.

So, I guess I’m goin’ next week too!

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