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A new blog for all things Korean | Jee Soo Shin

A new blog for all things Korean

I’ve explained this in my last ever Korean post of this site yesterday, but I want to let everyone here know that I’ve created a new blog to write my future posts in Korean.

This is one of the steps to make a more subject-specific blog.  Although the main idea is to write everything about me as a person, I still don’t want to carry on having this blog bilingual and make it user-unfriendly.  It wouldn’t be nice to visit this space and to find a post that is not in the language you’d comprehend.

So, this space will be kept for my English posts, and for all things in Korean, I will post in my new website: http://jagto.tistory.com

But by no means be disappointed!  This blog will be frequently updated with more news about my everyday life and thoughts.  Please keep watching this space!

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