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I have no more invitations, and your comments will not be replied.

If you want to start your own Tistory account, click here to get your invitations!

Dear readers,

I do not have invitations to send out.

I’ve been getting comments asking for a Tistory invitation, but unfortunately, I’ve ran out of them.  I’ll send invitations to those who asked me BEFORE 10th Oct. 2012(the day I wrote this) as soon as the situation changes, but in the meanwhile, I recommend you look for other sources.  Those of you who leave comments after 10th October 2012 will not be guaranteed an invitation from me, since Tistory only gives me only around 5 invitations to send each month and I get requests from my Tistory blog itself as well as this post. Other Tistory bloggers with lots of invitations frequently send let you know they are sending them off by saying “초대장 배포합니다.” or “티스토리 초대장”.  Look for them here.  Good luck!


I had been neglecting my blogging space for awhile because I was immersed in writing posts on my other blog ( which is in Korean.  I want to share some of my experience in the Korean blogging tool I’ve been using.

Tistory(티스토리) is a blogging tool as well as a portal and meta-blog site.  Once you register as a member, you can create up to 5 blogs, and creating one couldn’t be easier (once you’ve been trained with WordPress!)

There are more than a handful of blogging tools in Korea from portal sites like Cyworld(싸이월드), Naver(네이버), Daum(다음- created before Tistory was launched, and is still active) as well as left-wing news portals such as OhMyNews(오마이뉴스) and Hani(한겨레), but unlike Tistory or Egloos(a not-so-popular-anymore Korean blogging tool) they have limited functions and design.  Amongst all, Naver is the most popular in that their blogs have the most traffic.  This is due to their unethical search-engine policy, but that’s another long story.

Lots of functions that were difficult to install in WordPress was within a few clicks in Tistory.  Perhaps I feel this way only because I’m not a novice in the blogging world anymore..

the sidebar editing page of Tistory blogging tool.

Tistory is a branch of Daum communications, a major portal site/search engine in Korea (a Korean equivalent to Hotmail or Yahoo).  Since 2000, Daum was a great success with the majority of Koreans using hanmail(an email service provided by Daum), and many online communities called “Daum Cafe”s appearing for every topic you could think of.  When I was daydreaming about traveling to Europe, I used to log in to Daum and wander around a backpacking “cafe”.

Tistory was launched in 2007 after 200 beta-testers have tested the system for a year and half beforehand. (source) Since the launch, creating an account was limited to those who are invited, and  the number of invitations a tistory blogger could use depends on how active they are in the blogging sphere.  The competition to be invited was fierce, similar to the early Google mail days.  Now, because there are so many bloggers, it is not difficult to get an invitation from a former Tistory blogger.  I got mine from my significant other :) xoxo


plug-ins and widgets 

I noticed that I didn’t have to go and search for plugins as well as Facebook and Twitter widgets, because most of them were already there waiting for activation.  Lots of pretty widgets and badges were available in Daum Widget Bank, and all I need to do is to log in at tistory and then choose which Daum Widget I want to use.  The danger is that because everything is so simple, people tend to put lots of things on their sidebars and god-knows-where-else..

a blogger has many things to share, including….

Ads, ads and more ads!!!

The more traffic one has, the greater the temptation is to make money through blogging.  I used to wonder, how one earns such money just by posting things in your blog?  It was more obvious when looking into some of the “power bloggers” in Tistory.  Amongst the sites I’ve went through, it felt like 99% of them had at least a Google Adsense and a Daum-powered “view adbox”  In addition, you could post campaigns in your website to find missing children or donate to charity just by ticking a box, which meant lots and lots of people have a great number of banners on their blogs.  In a way it reflected the everyday scenery of a typical Korean street – full of flashy signboards!

some typical blog entries of Tistory bloggers.  


Blogging Awards

Similar to BOB(Best of Blogs), there are blogging awards in Korea as well, such as 대한민국 블로그 어워드(Korean Blog Award), but also from each blogging portals and meta sites.  Tistory chooses around 300 blogs to be awarded Tistory Best Blogger, and gives a badge to the blog owners to post on their award-winning blogs.  Some have even been awarded for 5 consecutive years, which is a thing to be respected.

award badges won by a single blog!

All in all, blogging in the Korean blogging sphere is dynamic, and a lot of fun.  I’m limiting my posts in Tistory to music-related subjects so that I still have things to talk about in this blog, which will only be in English from now on.  Hopefully I’ll become one of those “power bloggers” one day, so many people in Korea will access contemporary classical music without too much hesitation :)

I have no more invitations to send out, but you can get Tistory invitations here.



  1. No doubt you’re well on your way to “power-blogging” with all your know-how! :)

    • Thanks Christina! I certainly day-dream about that! Haha.. If I could invest my time effectively whilst balancing it with my “real life”, wouldn’t that be ideal :)

  2. Jonathan

    You’re text has this simple but tasty feel, like when you eat well toasted tortilla.

    • Wow, ain’t that a really nice compliment?! I loooooove well-toasted tortilla. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s past midnight and I’m starving!! haha..

  3. kat

    Very interesting, Daum and Tistory have made me wish I could speak even a tiny bit of Korean. You appear to be experienced with blogs (at least more so than I am) so which one would you recommend if I want to integrate a blog into my website, or create my website around a blog platform while keeping the layout customisable? I’ve been trying WordPress but it’s challenging to figure out even with the HTML and CSS I know.

    • Well, amongst English-speaking blogs, I’ve only done a tiny bit of Blogger(Google) and then WordPress, and I found Blogger more restricting than WP, but maybe because I was a total beginner back then. If you don’t know and Korean, Daum or Tistory might be a challenge..

  4. mintparadise

    I was just wondering how did you create your tistory… because I want to make one, but it just doesn’t work ):

    • Hi!
      Did you get “invited” by a tistory user? You need an invitation to get started. I’m not sure if I am capable of sending invitations but I’ll go check. ;)

      • Maria

        Hi!, please i want to create a Tistory blog!
        I was lookin’ for it.. but i didn’t find anything.. I dont know how to create it.
        I have a daum account already…
        How can i do it? :(

      • Hi Maria. To be able to create a Tistory blog, you need an experienced Tistory blogger to send you an invitation. I’m afraid I don’t fit into that category, but if you go to other blogs, they sometimes collect requests for invitations in the words of “초대장 배포합니다” Hope you get lucky with that.. let me know if that doesn’t work out and I’ll see if any of my friends might have left-over invitations.

  5. Ron


    I notice that it requires invitation to use domain.tistory
    However I have seen some websites outside tistory using tistory blogging system (denoted by ‘powered by Tistory’ or something at the footer)

    Do you know how I can download the tistory blogging system to install into my site? (similar as installing WordPress)

    • I’m not entirely sure about this, as I didn’t buy a separate domain for my tistory blog. I think the way around is to create a tistory account and see their settings where they ask for a separate domain address to be integrated to the blog address..I think! Sorry for such a late response btw!

  6. Crush

    Are you able to send tistory invites for others to setkup blogs. I would love to set up an English blog from hear in canada. Very nice blog by the way. :)

    • Thanks Crush! I’m afraid I cannot send any invitations yet, but I hope things work out for you anyways! Thanks for your email too. :)

  7. Melodious

    I wanna try it, but I can’t find the way to registered Y____Y

    • Do you have knowledge in Korean? You need to be invited by an “experienced Tistory blogger”(i.e. someone with invitations to send) first. Let me know what you need and I’ll see if I can help you~ Good luck!

      • Melodious

        I dont know korean language >_<

        I saw some blogs has invitation but it was all korean language.
        When they has offer an invitation, it will have condition? or just left e-mail to them??

      • most of the time you only need to write a comment saying you want to be invited.

      • Melodious

        Finally, I got it

        Thank you~~~ ^^

  8. Celine

    I’ve got an invitation. I got mail and I What should I do next?

    • You could use the link on your mail to set up an account in tistory…if I remember correctly! Good luck!

  9. Tram Nguyen

    I also want to make a tistory blog, can you help me with the invitation

    • Hi Tram, sorry for the late response.
      Did you get an invitation already? If not, I can send you one, if you leave me your email. I didn’t have invitations to send out at the time you wrote the comment..but now I do!

  10. Kim

    Hi ! i want to make one, but i can’t understand how to be invite, can help me ?

    • I hope I’m not too late. I’ve sent you and invitation to your gmail address. Please check your email, and happy blogging!

  11. yeol

    i wanna make one to get the invitation?i had try many times..please help me :(

    • I’ve sent you an invitation just now. Please check your email!
      (your gmail address)

      • yeol

        omg..i got are kind :)

  12. collidecorner

    This blogging site look amazing ^^, but i couldn’t make one even though i’ve already had a daum account, coul you tell me where can i get an invitation please ^^~

    • I can send you one if you let me know your email address :)

  13. Rx

    Hi, I was wondering if you have any more invitations? If you do, could you send me one?
    Cool blog you have here btw! ^_^

    • It’s done! :)

  14. Yoshi009

    Hello~ I was wondering if you could send me an invitation to help me create a tistory blog ??! It would be nice. thank you keke ^_^

    • It’s done! :))

  15. Yoshi009

    Thank you ^^.
    And i have another question. How do you do to make your tistory blog public? Because i want people to see my blog even without having an account.

    • As far as I know everyone can see it regardless of having Tistory accounts. Is this not the case with your blog?

  16. Yoshi009

    Ah sorry, it’s okay now. Everyone can see my posts now ^^. Thanks

    And do you know how to post a youtube video without open the youtube page?

    • go to admin center (My -> 관리 or yourblogaddress/admin/center/)
      click 플러그인 설정 (meaning “plug-in setting”)
      you can find “youtube 동영상 넣기” in one of the plug-ins offered by tistory.

      Good luck!

  17. pororohae

    hi there~ i want this too~ ><
    could you help me to send the invitation for me? Thank you~
    Aah one more, do you know how to install XpressEngine? ^^

    • I’ve sent you an invitation :)
      I have no clue about installing XpressEngine.. sorry!

  18. pororohae

    yes got it!! thanks for your kindness ^^

    • pororohae

      btw how to change the header name? i tried to change it in the skin menu but i didn’t find anything related this problem :’(

      • I had the same problem so I had to change to a different kind of skin that doesn’t have a header name :(
        Some people seem to just use it as it is.. :S

  19. Liana

    Hello~ i’ve already have daum acc but don’t know how reg at tistory :( could u send me the invitation too?? thanks :)

    • it’s done :)))

  20. Liana

    thanks so much ^_^ !!

  21. Winnie

    Hi, I was wondering if you can send me an invitation too?
    Thanks alot ^ ^

    • It’s on the way! :)

  22. karen

    Hello, I’m so glad I found your site! I was looking into how to make a tistory because I need to get in touch with someone on a tistory blog but thanks to your post I now know an invitation is needed. If it’s not too much trouble, may I ask for an invitation as well? Thank you so much for your help and your blog is lovely! Cheers!

    • apparently, you’ve already got an invitation from someone else?
      Let me know if you still need help!

      • karen

        Thanks for your reply! I don’t know Korean but I tried clicking things around on the tistory homepage and it looks like they are giving away invitations? But anyway, I haven’t received anything in my email account about an invitation so I’m not sure how that would work, where can I check this? Thanks again!

      • I’ve tried again and it worked! Check your email :)

  23. veronica

    Hi! i have a tistory blog, but i dont know how to send invitation to my friend who wants to get a tistory account too >< can you help me with the steps? i went to (myblog) already, and i put the e-mail address, but it can't be sent T__T please help me. thank you :D

    • Sorry, I don’t know well about technical stuff :(
      I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.
      Why don’t you go to Tistory tech support?

  24. Michelle

    Hello I found this post by chance though google and was wondering if you still have invites to tistory? Really appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks!

    • I’ve done it. Have fun!

      • Michelle

        Thank you sooooo much!! :D

  25. jae

    Hi! I’ve stumbled upon your post when I was searching on how to create a tistory blog. I take photos and I find tistory convenient in posting and blogging about them but I didn’t know about needing invitations ;~; If it’s not too much, is it okay to ask for an invitation too? Thank you!

    • it’s sent! :)

      • jae

        thank you so much! :3

  26. JessiKath

    Hello! I’ve been registered to Daum for almost a year and I really want to have a tistory blog (I’ll dedicated to 소녀시대 ^^) I hope you can send me an invitation~ Thank you! <3

    • Let me know if you still need one!

  27. double-em

    hello there! I want to have a tistory account too and I was wondering if you can send me an invitation. thank you in advance :D

  28. Do you know how popular Tistory is? Is it still the leading blogging site in S. Korea?

    • I suppose Naver is more popular and more people read it because of their search engine.

  29. pyrrhuloxiaa

    Hi, I came across this post in a google search for how to setup a Tistory blog – the information is a help but when I tried to sign up I saw it was invitation only, how can I get one of those?

    • Hi. I’m not sure what happened.. did I send you an invite? Let me know if you still need an invitation… I can send one to you if you need it!

  30. marron

    I have a question about Tistory blogs; is a KSSN required for the sign up process or can foreigners make one also (w/o korean alien ID, as in a resident of America)? I hope this is possible because I’ve been wanting to make on for a while.
    If so, could I get one of the invitations? 감사합니다! (^-^)

    • I’m afraid I have no knowledge of that matter.. Sorry not to be able to help!

  31. Melody

    thank you for the informative post ^^
    do you have anymore invitations?

    • Just sent one to you! Sorry for being late :)

      • yein

        thank you very much!! but it seems that you need to have a kssn to fully register? :( awww *dream blog shattered* haha thanks anyway!

  32. yein

    hiiiii. i know a lot of people have been asking you but can i also get an invite? sorry for taking much of your time!! great blog btw! ^^

    • Just sent one. Hope it’s not too late!

  33. Lizzie

    For most korean fansites i need to have a tistory account I made a daum one but I can’t make a tistory one could you please send me an invitation, do you have any experience as a member of a fansite?

    • Hi Lizzie,
      Sorry for my late response, I’ve sent you an invite just now.
      I don’t have any experience with fansites.. sorry!

  34. Liana

    can i ask another ques..??do you know where to download tistory skin??there are limited skin in tistory..can i know if there are another place other than tistory?? tnx ^^

    • I’m assuming you already got an invite from someone else and made your Tistory blog? Could I cancel the invite I sent you just now?
      I only used a skin that was powered by Tistory so I’m not sure where you’d go to.. sorry I couldn’t help much!

  35. Miyuki

    Hello, i found your blog from google. I want to creat my page from tistory. i already have daum id but i don have tistory invitations. Could you send invitations to me ???? Thanks you.

    • It’s done :)

  36. Liana

    You are the one who sent the invitations..don’t u remember??^^ i got it from u 2months ago..^^ so that means the skin only in tistory,right??! tnx for ur’s ok..u help me alot already =)

    • haha..I see! So many have requested invitations in the past few months.. I lost track :)
      Yeah, I used the skin that was provided in Tistory and didn’t explore outside of what they offered.. Good luck!

  37. sharnaz

    i’ve searched many time alr abt tistory then found ur blog today..awesome^^ acc i quite not undstnd fully abt the invitations..but from what i can see here,many requested the invitations…does it means that if i got the invitations,i can create my own tistory acc??if it’s the case,do u mind to give me one?^^ tnx .. =)

    • I’m surprised at how many people are interested in Tistory. I’ve just sent you an invitation, which means you’ve got mail :) Good luck!

  38. sharnaz

    Yeah!many ppl are interested in Tistory but they don’t know how to create one including me^^Thanks a lot for ur help!! =)

  39. monicaqua

    hi! i want to create tistory blog~~
    i found that this is interesting! and i already have daum id~
    can you kindly send me invitation ? :]
    thank you so much!

    • You’ve got mail! :)

  40. Miyuki

    Hi… Jagto…. I’m so sorry i type my e-mail wrong. ;ㅁ;ㅁ;ㅁ;ㅁ;ㅁ;
    Could you send invitation to me again. Thanks you very much for you kindness.

    • Okidoke… here it goes again! :)

  41. kaka

    hi, already got invitation but when i tried to register, it need korean id number. how?

    • you must find a way of registering as a non-Korean (외국인). Good luck!

      • kaka

        thank you,
        how to find a way of registering as a non korean?
        can a non korean (don’t have korean socity number) have tistory acccout?
        I clicked a link from my invitation, i filled requirements, but i don’t have ID, so i couldn’t go to the next step.

      • I’m Korean so I don’t know this. Sorry!

  42. loz

    hi I was wondering if you can also send me an invitation for a tistory account if it isn’t so much. thank you :)

    • just sent one. Check your mail! :)

      • loz

        it seems like I didn’t receive any email from you ):

      • My tistory account says the invitation is sent :( Let me know if you still didn’t get it in a few days and I’ll try again!

      • loz

        I haven’t received anything yet ):

      • Ok, I’ve sent it again. Check your email! (

  43. Kim

    Hi, thanks for writing this. I want to try using tistory so I’m just wondering if you can still send me an invitation? Thanks a lot!

    • You’ve got mail!! :)

      • Kim

        thanks a lot! ^^

      • Kim

        oh I have a question, if I have a Daum account, can I link to tistory? And do you happen to know how to do that? Thanks. Sorry for bothering ~_~

      • not sure what you mean by ‘link to tistory’, and I’ve never done that :S Sorry I couldn’t help!

  44. Rachael

    Hi i was researching tistory stuff & I came across your blog post. Thanks for sharing this information (esp in english) >_<!
    Do you have a tistory invitation to share with me? I'd really appreciate it!^^


    • I have two invitations left and you got one of them :) Check your mailbox!

      • Rachael

        thank you very much for sharing with me!! ^_^

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  46. Viael

    Hi :)
    I want make a tistory.. can you send me an invitation?
    Thank you before~ ^^

    • You’ve got mail! :))

      • Viael

        And, I wan ask something
        Can I change my tistory e-mail? Because I want to change it..
        Thanks before ^^ sorry for bother you :(

      • I’ve never used tistory mail so I’m not sure, but you can find out more here I guess. Good Luck!

  47. Eric

    Hello there! I was doing some reading about Tistory when I found this. It’s a great article to those new to K-sites!

    I’m really interested to have a tistory blog, and I was wondering if you could send an invite for me =) It would be much appreciated!

  48. Eric

    Hello again! I’m sorry to double-spam, but I just realised that you will need my Daum email address, and the given email address before this wasn’t the one I used for Daum.

    Please use ‘’ if you have a spare invitation to send. Thank you once again! :)

  49. Eric

    I am so, so sorry, what was I thinking >.<, it's this email address.

    I wasn't sure whether any email address would be fine or a Daum email address is needed. Please forgive my inexperience.

    • didn’t mind that! You’ve got (han)mail!

      • Eric

        Thank you for your patience! I really did make myself sound like a fool, lol.

        Nice blog you have here. It’s hard to find Korean bloggers who run a blog in English. Hope that you keep on writing interesting articles and posts!

        Thanks again for the invitation.

      • No problem at all :)
        Actually, I write a lot more in my Korean blog now, but I shall try to write more here :S
        Enjoy tistory-ing!

  50. Lily

    Hi, do you mind sending me an invitation too?
    I created a daum account, but i realized that i NEED an invitation..
    I’ll be really grateful T.T

    • Yep, THE annoying thing about Tistory is that you NEED an invitation :(
      anyway, you’ve got mail! :)

      • Lily

        thank you so much! T U T

  51. Sata

    Thanks for this great blog post. Would you mind sending me an invitation? :)

    Thank you in advance!

    • I wouldn’t mind at all! You’ve got mail!:)

      • Sata

        thanks a lot :D

  52. Han

    Hi, I found your blog through Google. Can I get an invitation for Tistory too? Thanks a lot ^^

  53. Ashley

    Hi ! Could I trouble you to send me an invitation as well??

    Thank you so much !! = ]

    • It’s on its way!

  54. Spunky

    Mind to send me an invitation, please?^^

    • It’s on its way now! :)

  55. Bao

    Hi, if you don’t mind, can you also send me an invitation? It’ll be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!

    • check your mail! :))

      • Bao

        Thanks a lot! :) I’m messing around w my blog right now. Just wondering, is there a way to upload pictures to Tistory but still keep the original size? I use the Daum photo uploader that’s in the post writing area, but it seems to resize the picture to a small size. Thanks.

      • When I upload large pictures, they resize it but when you click on the picture on the uploaded post, it opens a new window and you can see the original size. If you want to post the original size, the text display width of the skin(스킨) will have to be bigger than the width of the picture you want to upload.

      • Bao

        My original pictures size is around 1500×2000 and some are bigger

      • Bao

        thank you for the tips about uploading pictures ^^

  56. JW

    Hello, I’m sorry for the bother but could you also send me an invitation?
    Thank you!

    • Check your mailbox! :)))

  57. kai

    Hello! Could you please send me an invitation if it isn’t a bother? Thank you~ :)

    • I’ve just sent one! Please activate within a week, otherwise, I’ll take it back..

      • kai

        thank you so much!!

  58. bei

    hello could you send an invitation for tistory? thank you in advance :-)

  59. mina

    hi, sorry to bother you but could you possibly send me a tistory invite? I’ve been trying to get one for such a long time now. thank you~ :-)

  60. mia

    hi, i have a daum account and i really want to make a tistory blog but i don’t know how ;~;
    could you send me an invitation? thank you ^^

  61. Sata

    tistory won’t allow me to edit the html/css… the buttons for preview and save do nothing. is it just me?

  62. Lia

    hello !! thanks for this post about tistory >< its so nice..
    i have a daum acc but i havent got any invitation yet..could you possibly send me an invitation ? thank you ^^

  63. Mzungu

    I read your post and now I know why I couldn’t create a Tistory blog.
    I sent to you an e-mail on … Please, could you read it and help me?
    Thank you^^

  64. yul

    hello! i really want to have a tistory, but i need an invitation… could you please sent me one? it would really help me!! thank you in advance :)

  65. Sheshe

    hello~~ bother you sorry for but I was wondering if you can also send me an invitation for a tistory account if it isn’t so much. thank you

  66. bulan

    hi.. i’m sorry if my post bothers you.. but could you please send me a tistory infitation? >_< kinda confused how to register there T_T huhuh

  67. may you give an invitation >w< I can't ask anyone until I found this post on google. Please help me :D

  68. ceffany

    hello ^^
    may u send invatation to me?
    i really appreciate it ^^ thanks

  69. maria

    if you have invitation left, please send me one. really appreciated, thank you

  70. Crush

    …thanks again for the Tistory invite this last year. Was able to figure out how to navigate Tistory without understanding the Korean language…kind of fun ;) and very easy for my simple posts from the iPhone.

    Still amazed to see everything you are doing and posting. You are quite the talent… Keep up the great posts and tweets ;)

    • Thank you for your kind words! Let me know your address, so I can visit your blog. For some reason I lost the link..
      All best wishes!

  71. Pat

    I just found your blog by accident but I’m glad I did. Lots of interesting and informative reads. I wish I could read Korean so I could read your other blog as well haha. If you ever have an extra tistory invite I’d appreciate it if I can get one too. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  72. Mai

    I already have daum account but i couldn’t register in Tistory. Would you mind sending me an invitation? And thank you for all the information here ^^ that helps a lot.

  73. Hello, thanks for your informations, can you help me to get an invitation ? I look like to try this type of blogging. Thank you !

    My daum email :

  74. Lia

    hi~ i just read your new post today, sorry XD
    before 10th oct ? wow yay im in ! will really appreciate it if you can send me one ;w;
    but its ok if you run out of the invitation~ thank you so much anyway :DDD

    • Hi Lia, I did run out, but if you don’t get one by the time I get more next month, I’ll send one to you first thing!

      • Lia

        omg yes thank you !!! :’D

      • You’ve got mail :)

      • Lia

        yes i received it !!!!!! really really thank you ;w; you know i was shocked when i got an email from tistory telling about your invitation lol but one again thank you very much !!!!! really appreciated it :D

      • I hope you enjoy your progress. ;)

  75. JinSone98

    The first time I thought if I have a daum ID then I could register Tistory, but I’m wrong it’s still need an invitation mail to register it :(
    Could you please send me an invitation? Thank you so much!

  76. nana

    hey, I’m glad I saw your post on this blog. I was searching everywhere on how to create account. You saved my life ^^ If you dont mind, could you send me an invitation too? Its ok if you can only send the invitation next month or two months later. By the way, I did follow your twitter acc, hope we can get in touch on twitter too. TQ

    • Thanks, nana!

  77. Calista

    Hi if you have any spare tistory invitation can you please send me one? Thank you so much!


  78. underscroll

    hello , could you send me an invitation please …. really appreciated, thank you

  79. pororohae

    I have a problem with my tistory account, I can’t do log in T,T could you send me the invitation to this email instead And I wonder hot to make a tistory invitation?
    Thank you!! ^^

  80. Bao

    Hello, I got an invitation from you a few months ago and is running my blog now. I really like it. Thanks a lot for the invitation ^^

    I have a question about invitation. Some of my friends have been asking me for invitation, but I don’t have any to give out. How or when can I get invitation?

    • Hi Bao, I’m really happy to hear about your blog. I’ll visit soon!
      You get invitations once a month, when they(?) decide you’re a serious blogger. I’m not sure of their criteria but it took me many months too. Good luck!

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  82. Thunder

    hi, i came across your blog recently and is it possible to send me a tistory invitation? thx ^^

  83. honeyx

    Can you send me an invitation please? thank you very much<3

  84. Jinny

    Hello~ Just wondering, how do i ask for an invitation from tistory users? Do i have to send them a pm with my email or something? ><

    • yep.. did you read the link at the top of the post? click and you’ll find links to tistory users that own invitations atm.. write a comment to their post about invitations(초대장) and they’ll probably respond..
      Good luck!

  85. JessiKath

    Hi! I’m back again. Would you mind if you’d send me an tistory invitation to my email ( :) I forgot to respond to your reply a few months ago >_< Thank you~ ^^

  86. sunnybopeep

    죄송하지만 tistory 초대장 혹시 남는 것 있으면..

  87. JessiKath

    Ah~~ Thank you so much for the invite! Really appreciate it! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^^

  88. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar
    one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam remarks?
    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything
    you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any support is very much appreciated.

    • I use Akismet but I still get a lot of spam. Some are so ambiguous, it’s hard to tell if they are genuine comments or spams. Such a headache! I hope you keep up with your blogging despite all these obstacles! :))

  89. Hi there! I know this is somewhat off-topic however I needed to ask.
    Does operating a well-established blog such as yours take a
    lot of work? I am completely new to blogging but I do write in my journal
    every day. I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share my personal experience and thoughts online. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for new aspiring blog owners. Thankyou!

  90. I am completely new to blogging but I do write in my journal …

  91. cimori

    hai jagto. is already too late to ask about tistory invitation ? if u can, could u send me the invitation too. i have already signed in as a member on daum but i have realized that i still need to sign up again to be a member on tistory.

    i usually going to but now i could not see or access that web , probably becoz they want me to join as a member. i know that web is not related to yours. but could u help me to be a member on tistory with the invitation link, pleaseeee.

    i will appreciate u’r help and thanks in advance

  92. Gag

    Please send me an invitation too?
    Thank you so much ♥

  93. i can’t be member tistory.. please help me.. thx

  94. Thank you ,I will register as soon

  95. I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading very slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

    • Thanks for letting me know!
      I’m not having a big trouble loading this website. I wonder if others are experiencing the problem…

  96. Darlingkiiz

    Hello dear, I alr got daum account but still want an invitation for tistory.
    If you don’t mind, can you send me an invitation? please~~~~~

  97. Smee

    Please give me an invitation … love u much!

  98. Juan


    Do you have any invites left, I really want one..

  99. Mr. Tran

    Please send me an invitation,
    my email:
    Thank you !

  100. yes got it!! thanks for your kindness!

  101. sukeda

    Please help me to register a tistory, I need a blog! Please! My mailbox! Thank you!

  102. maushi

    do you know how to use or the way to make that link? thank you^^

  103. When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and
    from now on each time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be an easy method you can remove me from
    that service? Thanks!

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  106. gg

    hi, my tistory blog posts can’t be seen by people who are not logged in :( can you help me please?

  107. Harin

    Hi! I’ve already have a Tistory account but i don’t know how to upload gifs and videos can you help me??

  108. Please how do i create account on tistoy.. have been surfing the site but couldn’t find sign up button

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