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New theme for a new start | Jee Soo Shin

New theme for a new start

Yikes!  It’s been weeks since I’ve written my last post here!

I was busy posting on my other blog(Korean), and then not even writing there, because I need to really concentrate on my various compositions, if not the admin work required to put the works into the light of performances..  Such a long way to go before April, when the initial Nokha premiere will be held, and then it will be a frantic maze to get two further performances, a separate concert in Germany, another performance of new work for solo violin, and then a Korean fusion music for KAA performance in London…hmmm what have I missed?  Oh, the collaborative project in London in November..I need to find performer and jointly apply for funding too!  phew.. Oh, and a new work for organ solo…………….

Anyhow, it is going to be a frantic year of composing and getting them performed.

I guess it is obvious by now, but I’ve adapted a new theme for my blog.


Back soon with more…



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