Paper Clips

Holocaust seems like an outdated topic, and whenever it is mentioned in the media or with regard to culture, I have mixed feelings in that one side of me feels the natural outrage and horror about the insane cruelty of humanity, but the other side feeling somewhat neglected about the fact that there were so many other horrible things happening in all parts of the world all the time, personally including the Japanese occupation has done as much (if not more) harm to the human resources of the Korean peninsula and beyond in Asia.


There is a huge number of atrocities happening right now in various places in the world and only the ones that are being “marketed” seem to be well-known, including those of the holocaust with its Jewish descendants who are now rich and successful in the US.  What if they had never become who they are now?  Would there still be a Jüdisches Museum Berlin, a luxurious memorial of the Holocaust in the heart of Germany?

I try to imagine a Korean museum in the heart of Tokyo describing Japan’s atrocities to the rest of Asia and beyond, and it strikes to me not only how reflective the Germans are, but also how powerful the Jews around the world have become.

In that aspect, I was very glad at the end of the film, when they revealed that the Paper Clip Project ended up collecting and storing not only 6 million victims who were Jews, but also a further 5 million who were homosexuals, Gypsies and political prisoners and were victims of the holocaust all the same.

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