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the hanok… | Jee Soo Shin

the hanok…

Although there is still a lot to do before talking about what I’m doing, I feel that it is about time to introduce my project to my readers.

I’ve written about this in one of my previous posts:

“When I started going to monthly meetings the Korean Artists Association, it was in hopes of having things going in London with possible collaborations with likeminded people.  After my Oze escapade concert in Korea, I came back to the UK and gave a presentation in the November meeting, which lead to meeting David Kilburn, a retired journalist and hanok preservation activist who had a number of cultural events behind him already.


the hanok which was featured in the film 3 Iron (binjip-빈집), my future concert venue :) ©David Kilburn

His suggestion of me giving a concert in his hanok in Seoul had snowballed into a rather exciting project in the name of NOKHA tour starting April 2012.   More can be seen in a few weeks in www.nokha.org.  The real thing!”

Well, the real thing has come to life and we are finalising the contents of the website!  How exciting is that?

I’ve added the link to the sidebar of this blog so the website can be visited more frequently.

To those of you who might not get around to reading every content of the Nokha website, I wanted to introduce part of the story behind the motivation of my project:

“Every year in the first decade of my life, I went to my grandparents’ house during the school holidays. It was a traditionally built hanok, where I’ve spent countless hours playing in the garden with my brother, took a nap with all the doors left open in the summer, peeked through the doors to watch the snow falling while cuddled up on a hot ondol floor, and went to the main bedroom to greet my great- grandmother for every meal of the day. The memory of my hard-working grandparents surrounded with quiet nature in the middle of the mountain is that of absolute peace.”

Never did I imagine at that time, that I would become a composer and use my impressions of living in a hanok to create a piece of music!  Life can be so fascinating in ways you wouldn’t be able to predict.. :)

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