debut(?) in Paris

파리에서 작품발표(피아노: 임수연)

Performance of White Blessing 2-2 was held at le Centre Culturel Coréen in Paris by pianist Sooyeon Lim.

Sooyeon Lim (pianist, 3rd from right) posed with Korean pianists at CNSMDP after the concert.

From the audience there was Françoise Thinat, the president of Orlean Piano Competition who was apparently quite impressed with my piece.  It was a real shame I wan’t there when she was talking to the pianist.  Well, at least it was good to have heard positive feedback.

I stayed in Paris for a few days and enjoyed its hidden gems.  Met lots of composers including Eunkyung Park, Dohun Lee, Hyangsook Song and Christian Mason.

well… a not-so-hidden gem this time.. (in the picture: Dohun Lee, who so kindly organised the entire ‘tour’)


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