Bloggers on the Nokha performance in Seoul

Other than the mainstream media that handled Nokha (i.e. The Korea Herald and Korea Joongang Daily), below is a list of blog posts I’ve found so far, who introduced the Nokha performance:

1. Gregory Curley, a Getty Images artist currently residing in South Korea, has written about the event in his blog, Hermit Hideaways.  This short blog post was the first to create noise about Nokha performance in Gahoedong, Seoul.


2. Then the London Korea Links website had a post by Philip Gowman about the event as, with focus on the collaboration between an English hanok owner and a Korean composer.


3. On the day before the first performance, a Korean blogger writing about her life in the UK introduced David Kilburn’s hanok and website in her post on the day before the performance.  Her blog has regular visits in thousands, and when the link to was posted on her writing, the website had the fifth most hits in a day since its launch.


4. I had ordered some cake from Mipa Lee, a vegan baker who runs her own lovely online bake shop.  She posted about her brief encounter with the hanok venue in her Alien’s Day Out blog, a mecca for vegans and vegetarians in Korean expat commnuity.


5. A Korean toy-piano collector has bumped into my Korean blog and was intrigued enough to attend the performance and also write about her experience in her own blog.


…and lastly,

6. There is an interview scheduled on Tuesday which will be aired this Sunday 11pm local time (in Korean) for a radio programme on music in the Mapo fm in Seoul.  The lady in charge visited the performance, and posted the event on her blog.  Watch this space for updates!  :)

She also posted a few minutes of the performance on Youtube:


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