Korean Traditional Music Performances













Here are some of the links to Korean traditional music concert schedules and calendars.


National Gugak Center (국립국악원 – National Center of Korean Music) – Performance Information

KBS 국악한마당 – “concerts of the month” (Korean)

Namwon National Gugak Center (국립민속국악원) – calendar of performances (Korean)

KORAK blog post: “list of performances“ (Korean) Korak is a traditional music performance agency


I was planning to translate some of the schedules for English readers, but this draft had been sitting in my blog space for months and my procrastination was becoming infinite.. so decided to just post some links.  Do let me know if you would like more information!




image source: http://www.gugak.go.kr/eng/performance/perf_lst.jsp


  1. euijin kim

    저희는 IYF단체인데요. 미국에서 있습니다. 저희가 컬쳐 exhibition을 하려고 하는데 그때 전통 문화 공연을 해주실수 있는지 여쭙고 싶습니다. 혹시 가능하나요?? ,, contact 가능 하나요?? 자세한 이야기를 해주고 싶은데..

    • 감사합니다.
      일단, 저는 작곡가이고 연주자가 아닙니다만,
      좀 더 자세한 사항을 알아야 이야기가 가능할 것 같으니 일단 메일 보내드렸습니다~

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