upcoming premieres (July-August)

Concerts in July and August where my work will be premiered:


- Sooah Lee Violin Recital (이수아 바이올린 독주회)

My friend Sooah Lee has suggested that I write a piece for her recital program and meet up with artist Yun-Mo Ahn for seeking possibilities of collaboration.  We have decided that I shall write a piece based on his “After Fahrenheit 451″ series, which consist of 6 paintings.  (due to copyright reasons, I cannot post the pictures here, but you can see the painting during the performance at Sooah Lee’s violin recital).  Click here for details.

When I met the organiser of THE House Concert, he had already visited my Nokha event and proposed that I join his 10th anniversary concert series.  I am hosting organising 2 concerts on his behalf:

1. Suite for Horn Trio and Toy Piano

The concept of this performance had to be changed due to unresolved issues with the fine-artist.  Thus I will be hosting a premiere of my suite for horn trio and toy piano.  More details here(Korean).  The performers are : Sergey Akimov(French horn), Sohee Kim(piano), Hye Youn Lee(violin) and Songei Han(toy piano)

Directions to the venue: click here


2. <점·선·소·춤> Interactive Dance Performance

This is an experimental performance involving the software program used for Nokha with some modifications.  The performers (3 violins, cello, piano and drums) will be scattered around the stage and 4 dancers will be present, with their position on stage being portrayed by music shown on iPads to the musicians.  The written music will sometimes be symbols, and the dancers will occasionally react to the symbols instead of the music they are hearing.  Details of the performers, venue and date can be seen here.

My “composition” just out of the printer and waiting to dry…

Jaewoong Yang, Piano Recital

7th August 2012, 8PM. IBK Hall in Seoul Arts Center

When I spoke with Jaewoong Yang, the toy-piano performer of Nokha, he was creating a recital programme for his concert in August.  He asked me if I had written any piano solo works, and I told him about my White Blessing 2-2, a piece based on a painting by Joo Hee Chun, and he was thrilled to hear about this, because his recital programme meant to  incorporate music in relation to art.  (a hot trend these days?)  So, he will be giving a Seoul premiere of White Blessing 2-2 :)  This has been performed before in Tongyong, Frankfurt and Paris.  Details of the concert here or here.

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