video recording of Nokha (encore performance in Seoul)

the first 15 minutes of the encore performance of NOKHA


Amongst the 3 planned performances in Seoul, Jeonju and Hamyang, none of them portrayed exactly what I had imagined.  In Seoul on the 21st of April, there was heavy rain.  In Jeonju, the audience were so reluctant to move, the music had to be changed somewhat randomly.  In Hamyang, there was a lot of food and wine on spot, meaning not many people cared to pay attention to the music.  The encore performance was initially planned as a party for all performers, but snowballed into a proper replica of the 1st Nokha performance, which finally realised all my intentions.  The video above is the first 15 minutes of that occasion (26th May 2012).

the 7-month-pregnant violinist Hyo Rim Seo joined other performers (Sin Gyu Hwang-flute, Sohyun Lee-geomungo and Chris Yang-toy piano) for the encore performance (Photo: David Kilburn)

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