THE House Concert goes nationwide

100 Concerts Planned to be Performed during Seven Days to Celebrate 10 Years of “THE House Concert” hosted in South Korea


After composer Park, Chang Soo started hosting house concerts in his living space in Seoul on July 12th 2002, this was a beginning of a new trend of various “house concerts” in South Korea. Park’s THE House Concert hosted concerts every two weeks in average, for ten years, hosting 315 concerts so far, featuring Sunwook Kim (the only ever Asian First-Prize winner of Leeds International Piano Competition), Jörg Demus (Austrian pianist) and Saneh Kang (Korean rock singer), amongst 1,300 other musicians.

THE House Concert will now host a Free, Music Festival 2012, which is a nationwide festival from 9th July to 15th July 2012. There will be 100 concerts in total, ranging from classical music performance and Korean traditional music performance to experimental music and performances of well-established pop musicians. A total of 23 concert venues in 21 cities are being used as venues for holding performances of a total of 158 musicians in 53 performance groups. During the week of Free, Music Festival 2012, the number of concerts taking place in a single day ranges from 7 to as many as 18 concerts.

The background motive of planning 100 concert in various provinces of Korea is derived from the fact that there are numerous concert venues which are not being used to its full potential. Outside Seoul, it has been customary to leave the concert venue empty for most of the year and then hold a few performances of famous pop singers or children’s plays or musicals. On the other hand, there are far too many well-trained performers who do not have a chance to perform. The concert venues and performers who participate in this festival therefore both agreed to take part without receiving any fees for their services.

Based on the idea of spreading good music performances in all corners of South Korea, this will expand in year 2013 to up to 5000 concerts in 150 venues with a performance at least once a week. This will enable multiple effects such as presenting various cultural events to people outside Seoul and giving aspiring musicians a chance to perform in various occasions. Free, Music Festival 2012 will be an event showcasing the possibilities and potential of such plan.

The ticket price of all concerts range from 0 to 10,000 won and the audience will sit on the floor of the stage to experience the original house concert atmosphere. You can read more details at their website (FB page/twitter) or call 010 2223 7061 for any questions about individual concerts.


By the way, I’m going to premiere two very different experimental works as part of the festival.  VERY experimental!  brr… (details here)



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