i-Park artist residency in Conneticut

미국 아티스트 레지던시 참가중

Since 17th August, I’m in the outskirts of Old Saybrook, Conneticut, U.S. for a 4-week artist residency at I-Park.

This is the music studio at my disposal for the duration of the residency.  Inside they have an upright piano, keyboard, some electronic stuff(I’m useless with those!)  a desk, chair, some percussion instruments, and a cool “desk” which also serves as a music stand.  But my main focus would be the commissioned piano quartet, which only requires manuscript paper and pen for writing.

This picture is from our weekly shopping trip to the supermarket, which is about the only chance we get to experience civilization during our stay.  My left and right are  Tess Martin, a stop-frame animator from the States and  Michael Fairfax, a British sculptor/sound artist who’s currently making a fibonacci-stringed instrument out of a log from the nearby woods.  The other artists are Judith Stein, an American author,  Boaz Aharonovitch, an Israeli photographer, Andy McWilliams, a media/installation artist and Roman Moshensky, a Russian video artist.

In the property Ralph Crispino owns, that contains I-Park and the surrounding landscape, there are a number of artworks previous artists have created and left exclusively for the site.  It is an intriguing journey to walk along the trails that takes you to sometimes witty and other times mysterious art-installations.


You can follow my experience of my stay at I-Park in my Tistory blog here(Korean).


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  2. Crush

    Wow…you certainly are living life to the fullest…you’re one very busy person ;)

    • Thanks Crush! It seems more so that way on my blog than in reality, I guess.. :)

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