Dotolimpic – a festival of improvised music

When I applied to be a participant of a sound-art/improvisation workshop run my Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander in Mullae Art Space, I wasn’t aware that being in the workshop automatically made you a participant of the Dotolimpic, a weekend festival of improvised music and noise-music.  This is organised by Dotolim, which is a company promoting improvisors and their performances, with their own little performance/recording/installation space.

Dotolimpic takes place in the Box Theatre (2F) at Mullae Art Space for 3 days from 19. October – 21. October 2012.  Tickets are KRW 20,000/day.

Btw, I wonder if they replaced the y to i from the name Dotolimpic with intention, or by mistake?  Can’t afford to take the risk of embarrassing them in case it is the latter!

For those who would like a more hands-on approach, there is a workshop for DIY electronic music gadgets by Nicolas Collins in November.  (Click the poster image to find out more)


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