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Performance in London, Residency in Venice, etc. | Jee Soo Shin

Performance in London, Residency in Venice, etc.

I’m preparing for a journey to Europe, which involves various activities spanning from work and holiday and everything in-between.  Some of the things that will happen in the next 4 weeks:

1. Performance in London at Korean Culture Centre, UK

I’ve written a short quintet(gayageum, guitar, flute, keyboard and chang-gu which is a Korean traditional hour-glass drum) to be performed at a Korean Artists Association event.  Unfortunately, I won’t be there at the premiere but I will attend the rehearsal beforehand.  The event itself will be on 28th November 2012 in Korean Culture Centre UK, in the main reception area.

2. Artist residency in Venice, Italy

This is an interesting residency that has just started accepting “residents” once a month.  I’m their first ever artist to attend the residency, so it is an honour and possibly also an exciting adventure.  I’ve been to Venice once before, which were 2 consecutive daily excursions from Verona, due to the high price of places to stay in Venice itself, so having that in my memory, being able to stay for free(?) for 3 weeks is just great.  I hope I do get work done :)

Plein Venice Artist Residency

You can follow my experience in Venice in my other blog here.

Since Venice is relatively close(?) to Salzburg, where I studied for 3 years, I am planning to hop on a train for a visit to Salzburg after my residency.  Many friends have already finished their studies and left the town, but there are still a handful of them left, and all my teachers are still there.  I’m looking forward to the time-less scenery and heart-warming time I would spend there, as well as some Gluehwein from the market! :)

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