Best of 2012

I feel like I want to summarise my 2012 since I’ve done the same here last year, and I would like a good ongoing thread of yearly reviews, so here it goes (click on the titles and photos to find out more):

1. The Nokha tour!

Image and text source: Alien’s Day Out blog by Mipa Lee

(more photos can bee seen here)

My 2012 cannot be explained with the encounter with Mr and Mrs Kilburn and performances that were inspired from their beautiful hanok.  Subsequently, there were performances in other hanoks too, (Jeon-ju and Ham-yang) and this inspired me to do an ongoing project of performances in various hanoks in Korea.


2. House concerts

I had the honour of participating in a music festival commemorating 10 years of “The House Concert” in Seoul.  I’ve organised 3 “concerts” of 2 contrasting concepts.  One was a traditional premiere of my new work, but the other was an intertwining performance between dance, music and simple software technology.  It was difficult, but worth the experiment.


3. Blogging in Korean and the birth of Jagto, with subsequent on/off-line encounters.

The title speaks for itself, but I’ve made a Korean blog in Tistory, and eventually got into a habit of posting almost every day, which is why I haven’t posted much here.  Instead, this space became more of my bilingual composer-website, with bios and all, with infrequent blog-posts in English.

(more about Tistory here)


4. Residencies

I-Park(August), Atelier Plain(November), La Napoule(Feb. 2013)

I’ve been applying for residencies for a few years, but the ones that were sent late 2011 were the ones that stared getting positive responses.  I’ve been to 2 so far, and they were super fun to attend!


5. Interest in contemporary art

I’ve decided to seriously follow art scenes that are intriguing, and with help from some artist friends, I started to enjoy some more in-depth understanding, but frankly, I just like having unique visual experience without any knowledge at all.

(Click on the pictures for links to exhibitions)








6. Interviews and press exposure:

Korea Herald, Joongang Daily Tribune, 정책공감, Mapo FM, Dream Panorama, various local newspapers, SBS News, 문화체육부 공식블로그..

It was interesting for me to be exposed in newspapers or become an interviewee, since most of it were a first-time experience for me.  Slightly nerve-wracking but fun and exciting too!


7. Introduction to dance

I have zero professionalism for dance and quite bravely, I’ve integrated dance in one of my performance-pieces and even went on stage to perform myself for a few minutes.  This has A LOT of room for improvement, but on the other hand, I had (for the first time in my life since I was 7) an urge to dance (or rather, use my body to express my feelings).  I still need a lot more experience, but the encounter to contact-improvisation was very revealing and liberating.

Contact Improvisation Seoul(서울즉흥잼)


8. Performances of my works

I am very fortunate to have friends who are performers interested in performing my work.  They gave light to some of my secret oeuvres and gave motivation for me to write more.

Sooah Lee violin recital – Fahrenheit 451

Chris Jaewoong Yang piano recital – White Blessing 2-2

KCCUK evening – Obangsaek

others are posted above (1. and 2.)


9. Introduction to improvisation performance – Ishipgu(which I’ve founded) and Dotolim(&Dotolimpic)

I’ve had some experience with free improvisation during my study at Salzburg Mozarteum, and also with Oxford Improvisors in England, but after a few years of hibernating, my urge to improvise bloomed again this year which lead to gathering like-minded friends for a secret improvisors meeting and also participation in Dotolimpic.


10. New encounters – most have become good friends:)

This year was full of inspiring encounters, which I would like to cherish for many years to come :)  I’ve written down some of them below(many names are in Korean because I’ve been in Korea most of the year):

황신규씨, 윤은자 선생님, 신기린 선생님, 이소현씨, 박창수 선생님, The House Concert staff, Luis Garcia, 안윤모 화백, 호른트리오 멤버(이혜연씨, Sergey Akimov), 점선소춤 멤버들(박민정, 송찬영, 정민지, 김정임), 김현민씨, I-Park residents(Tess, Boaz, Michael, Roman, Andy, Judith) 엄다은씨, 황예은씨, Noe Alonso,  문래 레조넌스 참가자들, 닻올림픽 출연진(Mattia, Maja, 류한길씨, 진상태씨, Enrico, Alessandro, Sato Yukie) 최기순 작가님, Su, Yulma, Ilan Volkov and many others!

You can also see my <2012 in 25 pictures> in my other blog(Korean)

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