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fruitarian meals

I’d been experimenting on being a fruitarian last year, resulting into a successful 3 months (minus a handful of slip-ups) of being a raw vegan.  Although I’ve relapsed relaxed my position into being a not-very-strict vegan, I still enjoy occasional fruit-meals.  Nowadays, I’m just not that into cooking, and with a crammed communal kitchen suitable for one human being, but used by 4, my temptation to all-fruit meals are greater than ever.

My usual staple is bananas, but the ripe apples in our garden made me venture out to pick them first thing every morning, so my breakfasts consist of 2 huge apples.  They are so filling!  There are also lots of green leaves for salad, and whenever I pick them for making salads, I end up just munching on them just after washing!  I really love mono meals of pineapple, papaya, and watermelon, especially for breakfasts.

a old habit of binging in front of the computer!

I also had some really good meals with exotic fruits as a treat.  So, I’d like to share a few pictures of my exotic raw vegan uncooked meals.  They are the best tasting ever!

figs and dates

pineapples and dates

a feast of satsumas! I loooove it!

“spaghetti” made of spiralized raw courgette with tomato sauce made of blended tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and red bell-pepper.

a huuuge salad with cashew-nut-kiwi dressing

my all-time favourite :P

dates, apricots a kiwi, a banana, apples from the garden and  a half slice of avocado.  Must’ve been hungry on this day!

I’m not all fanatic about going 100% raw-vegan, but I strongly recommend that you try some simple fruit meals.  They are so refreshing!  The best meal of the day would be at breakfast, because you don’t spend time preparing them, and they wake you up very well, as well as cleanse and hydrate your body.  Just a reminder, if you are going raw-vegan, greens are very important for a source of protein if you’re not having grains and nuts must be taken in moderation, since they consist mostly of fat.



post scriptum: Have you had an experience of a satisfying all-fruit meal?

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