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fruitarian meals 2 | Jee Soo Shin

fruitarian meals 2

just a mild update on what I’ve had for the last couple of breakfasts.. it’s a struggle to remember to take a photo before devouring all of it in one bite!

watermelons and strawberries- in season and so adorable!

strawberries and blueberries- well prepared into bite-size chunks (aka. tops chopped off and nicely(?) assorted)

Both are rather large portions, but barely enough to sustain my energy-level all through the morning!  (The tip is to eat slowly, keep ‘em as desk-side nibbles, but easier said than done, I gobble them all down in 0.2 seconds, like Garfield!)

Anyways, that’s 5-a-day taken care of, for sure!


  1. ian

    i love fruit as well. in my economic status they are a bit expensive to have enough though.. btw you know what? something is wierd not to be able to leave a comment via facebook on this post.

    • Thanks for your comment! The FB reply function ain’t there because I have to insert the tool for FB comments, and I didn’t do that on this post. (being lazy…kk) The fruit costs less than £3, and I believe it’s better to invest now instead of spending it in the hospital decades later :) Happy Chusok, btw!

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