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MA Degree show, Winchester School of Art | Jee Soo Shin

MA Degree show, Winchester School of Art

Winchester School of Art is hosting a degree show for MA graduates from 1-8th September. I went on the opening day with friends to support our mutual friend, Eunah Byeon who did an MA in fine art. That’s a second fine artist I personally know! (1st: JooHee unni)

Here are some random pics from the exhibition (apologies to the artists for the quality of the photo!):

Eunah Byeon: The Image of My Mind

Sarah Misselbrook: Chaste

Alaku Abmoanzhe Maryam

Alaku Abmoanzhe Maryam

didn’t manage to get the artist’s name :(

Can someone help me find out?

another work of the same artist.

possibly the same artist, but not sure :S  Help very much appreciated!

quite a strong statement, it seems.. (but artist is unknown..)

Chun Yu (Daniel) Yang: New Religion 2011

I love having pictures of art works from an exhibition.  They are all unique pieces of art and I feel like I get to keep them!  I might even upload some past photos in a future post just so that I could enjoy them more.  Hehe..

More pictures could be seen on my Flicker account on the left sidebar link.

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