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101 things to do | Jee Soo Shin

101 things to do

At the beginning of the year, I took some time aside to really enjoy planning what was in hand for 2011.  I had accomplished a lot of things I planned back then in the beginning of January, such as finishing my PhD, graduating, getting set up to organize a concert and creating a personal website and blog.  At the end of August, with even the graduation ceremony done and over with, I can’t believe how time flies!   I decided, it’s about time to create another list of 101 things to do until the end of 2011.  I came up with the number 101 from the website called “dayzeroproject.com“, but modified the date of completion, so that the goals would be more within the grasp.  It might be a good idea to also set some long-term goals in the future though.  And I’ve learned from past experiences that goals too exotic or just plain ‘crazy’ are likely to be unfulfilled daydreams, and although they are thrilling to achieve as well, one must distinguish the things they really want to do from inside themselves so that one doesn’t carry on doing one weird thing after another.


So, this is the list I made so far, of  101 Things to do until 31st Dec 2011:


9th September 

23 September 

25 October 

7th December



music composition:

  1. finish the new version of White Blessing 2-2
  2. finish Ha-rpy for harp and orchestra, and
  3. send it off to Geoffrey for the London premiere
  4. plan a new work for a performance in 2012 (Miracle for solo piano, NOKHA, another painting-based work for premiere in summer 2012, solo organ work)
  5. -11. write 7 new short pieces for piano(1/2/3/4/5/6/7),and
  6. sell them as sheet music (ask Thalya Myers for advice)


creative events:

  1. successfully host the event in Mullae Arts Space with Eunkyung unni Yay!
  2. plan the next concert with KAA in London
  3. plan and initiallize at least 1 new event for 2012 for Oze
  4. plan to borrow a small space(e.g. church and make a creazy installation in 2012 (NOKHA premiere in April 2012)


PR yourself:

  1. - 21. send off your SQ 3 to at leas 5 different opportunities (1/2/3/4/5)
  2. - 26. send off 5 of your portfolio works to at least to 1 occasion each (1/2/3/4/5)
  3. create an account in LinkedIn
  4. modify your account at musicjobs website
  5. win a composition competition
  6. make a successful artist-in-residency application


become a university lecturer:

  1. fine-tune your CV professionally
  2. write a covering letter and get it checked by a native English speaker
  3. - 37. send CVs and letters to at least 10 different organisations every month starting in August (8/9/10/11/12)


stayed linked:

  1. meet professors at SNU in September
  2. - 41. make friends with 3 performers and write pieces with them/send them works (1/2/3)
  3. - 44.stay in touch with 3 composers slightly more advanced in their careers (1:S/2:E.C/3:)
  4. - 49. become and active member of 5 Associations (1:SNUCE/2/3/4/5) ←plan modified (being an active member involves commitment)


self-support and work:

  1. blog every week at hazzy’s (slip-ups: 0/5)
  2. do part-time work to support myself temporarily starting November
  3. go out to find a place to work and explore cafes 3 times a week(fail)


blogging and web maintenance:

  1. write a new post every week (1/3)
  2. - 55. update jisushin.com every other month (Sep/Nov-fail)
  3. create an Oze website (done! OZe)
  4. write “About Works” on this blog←plan modified(must integrate well with jeesooshin.com)
  5. get all the contents of this blog and my website proofread←plan for blog is unrealistic!
  6. createupdate a myspace account to integrate with jeesooshin.com


travel and explore:

  1. go to Manchester to buy a ManU gersey
  2. do another bike-ride in New Forest
  3. visit Bath, Lake District or Snowdonia
  4. plan a backpacker’s travel to east Europe and/or Greece and Turkey
  5. plan a visit to Salzburg and Vienna
  6. plan a walking trip


stay in touch with friends and get to know them better:

  1. arrange a visit to I and R
  2. arrange to meet up with Dr & Mrs J
  3. gather people around to arrange a hearty Christmas dinner
  4. make and send 50 Christmas cards (made 30 so far!)


stay fit and healthy:

  1. follow a new full hour of yoga classes each week at Yoga Today (slip-ups: 3/3- fail)←was this unrealistic?
  2. do a full Yogalates workout or follow a Yoga CD at least once a week (3/3)  fail
  3. exercise at least an hour a day, 3 days a week regardless of cardio, strength or stretching. (3/3) ←being busy & ill makes this unrealistic
  4. train to run 10k nonstop fail
  5. score less than +40 in 18 holes fail
  6. buy a P90x
  7. prepare a salad for at least one meal a day (10/10) fail
  8. only buy vegan whole-foods when shopping (countless/10) fail
  9. go to bed before midnight (0/10) – n/a whilst staying in Korea


engage in self-help and work for a clear and positive mindset: (not enough time to do any of this!)

  1. read Change Your Life in 7 Days and do at least 10 of the tools it introduces
  2. read What to say when you talk to your self
  3. talk to yourself out loud every day to boost your self-esteem (0/15)
  4. read Mindfulness for Dummies
  5. read The Dance of Anger
  6. master CBT either by reading or by:
  7. calling IAPT and arranging appointments


organise your surroundings:

  1. create a system of categorising my scores and
  2. CDs


because others matter too:

  1. set yourself to volunteer once a week
  2. decide which charity to donate £5 for each slip-up on this list (plan changed to £1 because of substantial number of fails and limited budget)
  3. start supporting a child
  4. buy english books for Leo
  5. buy cosmetics from LUSH
  6. buy only ethical clothing (3/3 fail)
  7. buy only vegan shoes (0/3)
  8. call home once a week (0/5)



  1. finish making this list
  2. start ticking things off the list :D
  3. find a wholesale fruit and veggie store in Southampton
  4. exchange unwanted Jewelry for what I like (not possible!)
  5. buy one more toy piano ←plan postponed due to lack of storage space
  6. create a new 101 list for 2012

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