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who said vegans had nothing to eat? | Jee Soo Shin

who said vegans had nothing to eat?

A few days ago I met up with Eunkyung Unni to discuss our project.

But firstly we went to New Start(뉴스타트) vegan buffet in Seoul and tried our very best not to over-eat.

everything on the plate is vegan!

So, even without the obvious carbs to bulk up a meal, I was wayyy more than satisfied portion-wise!

They even had very nice vegetarian (not vegan because of eggs) kimbaps made of mixed-grain rice, carrot, pickled radish and cucumber.. not the fraudulent ones I had the other day… (boo…) The gooey mix on the right is peanut jam.  Scrrrrrrrumptious!

 (for directions to New Start in English, find the “CUSTOM CENTER” menu which is 5th from the top and click on the first drop-down menu which reads “뉴스타트뉴스”(“New Star-tu New-su” – you can guess what it means!), and the owner has kindly wrote a post titled “Map guide in English”…

Best Wishes!)


Post scriptum:  some miniature yangju bottles from my dad (they’re soooooo cute!) I’m planning to open during Oze-escapade event reception on 8th of October.

The drinks will be first-come, first-served! :

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