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interactive dance performance(공간반응 퍼포먼스)
a software program, camera, iPads 4 dancers and 4 instruments (2 violins,  piano and percussion)
premiere: 14 July 2012
Dano Center, Gangwon-do, South Korea (2012 Free Music Festival)



interactive performance
a software program, camera, iPads and 4 instruments (flute, violin, geomungo and toy piano)
premiere: 21 April 2012; Sooah Lee, Chris Yang, Singyu Hwang, Eunja Youn
Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul, South Korea


escapade 2 – “focus on music”

performance installation
a guide, 2 cameras, music, 2 laptop projection and 3 instruments (piccolo, violin, violoncello)
premiere: 8 October 2011; Jee Soo Shin Songei Han, Alexis Lee and others
M-30 Studio, Seoul Art Space Mullae, South Korea


Impressions of 2-2/Bles/te/W/hi/sing

video art projection
premiere: 8 October 2011; Shon Kim(video), Joo Hee Chun(painting)
Box Theater, Seoul Art Space Mullae, South Korea



for tape(SoundCloud)

made in SEM(Studio für Eletronisches Musik) in Salzburg in Januarty 2009, based on a recording of an interview of a woman living as an “invisible” immigrant in Holland(interviewer: Laura Carmichael). Premiere in January 2009, Mozarteum, Salzburg



co-produced installation with EunSun Lee
laptop projection a guide, and 3 instruments (violin, recorder, violoncello)
premiere: 16 July 2008; Hannah Kim, Lisa Kortleitner, Alwyn Westbrooke and Nadeja Krasnovid
Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany


Music Factory

alto-flute, horn, piano, actor/composer
premiere: 1 September 2007; Michael Cede, Joszef Hars, Slawomir Zubrzycki, Jee Soo Shin
VIP-Lounge im Basisgebaude an der Sprungschanze, Seefeld, Austria



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